Does All-4! Cleans, penetrates, lubricates & protects. Excellent for moisture displacement. Low surface tension yields complete penetration and permits the lubricant to travel easily into small cracks and along threaded fasteners.  It displaces moisture and penetrates deep to loosen scale and rust on frozen or sticking parts. Silicone-free lubricant forms a clear film and does not leave a gummy residue. Sprays in any direction.

Applications: perfect for common industrial parts, cables, chains, and wheels.  Use on bulbs and sockets, circuit breakers, cables, elevators, generators, ignition systems, lift trucks, coils, vending machines, lawnmowers, machinery, spare parts, nuts and bolts, wheels, bicycles, transformers, etc.


  • Item #7340
  • Net Wt. 11 oz/312 g
  • Case = 12 cans
  • Also available in a gallon container

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