The highest quality

animal identification



The Sierra Select brand represents the highest quality animal identification products made with the health and safety of the animal and the operator in mind. Know that our products have been tested to the highest standards to meet your needs of vibrant color, lasting visibility, and application-specific durability. We offer tail paint for heat detection, livestock marking paints for all kinds of animal marking, livestock marking dyes for swine production, and marking scourable sheep spray. All products are guaranteed to be non-clogging and economical.

History & Expertise

Manufacturing takes place in a state-of-the-art facility with a 50-year history and experience developing high-quality coatings, cleaners, and safety products. Quality control is strictly monitored to ensure high-quality products reach your facility.

Honest Labeling Practices

All hazardous contents are listed, and all GHS/OSHA pictograms and hazard phrases are on every label and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Additionally, contents are accurately represented according to the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act using net weight and grams. Imported products use metric volume measures which are unlawful according to U.S.A. laws.

Safety First!

Every effort is made to reduce harmful ingredients from our products, not only for the health of our food supply but for the safety of the people that work with the animals. We were the first North American company to remove Gentian Violet after Canada banned it in the food production process. Our products haven’t contained xylene or toluene for 10 years, and we continually assess other ways to remove harmful ingredients while maintaining product performance. An SDS is included inside of every case.